The Pied Bull Unveils a Fresh Look: A Sneak Peek into the 2024 January Refurbishment

As the new year unfolds, so does an exciting chapter for one of Chester’s iconic establishments – The Pied Bull. Nestled in the heart of the city for over 500 years, this historic pub is set to undergo a transformative refurbishment, breathing new life into its beloved space.

The refurbishment, set to take place from Sunday, 14th January, and culminating in a grand reopening on Saturday, 27th January at 12 pm, is a carefully planned endeavour. Focused on the entire ground floor pub area and toilets, The Pied Bull promises to retain its historical charm while embracing a fresh and contemporary design.

The project, which has received conservation approval, signifies a commitment to preserving the rich heritage of The Pied Bull. Visitors can expect not only a revitalised interior but also a freshly painted exterior and replacement signage, giving the entire building a rejuvenated look. This external facelift aims to seamlessly blend the traditional aesthetic of the pub with a touch of modernity.

The Pied Bull team assures patrons that despite the new additions, the quirky charm of the wonky walls and floors that have witnessed centuries of stories will remain untouched. The refurbishment is a testament to the establishment’s dedication to maintaining the authenticity of its 500-year-old roots.

To provide a sneak peek into what lies ahead, an exclusive design image has been released. The design reflects a thoughtful fusion of tradition and modernity, promising a welcoming atmosphere for both loyal patrons and newcomers alike. The careful selection of colours, materials, and furnishings aims to enhance the overall experience while preserving the essence that makes The Pied Bull a cherished landmark in Chester.

The management of The Pied Bull shared their enthusiasm for the upcoming changes, stating, “This January, we are upping the ante! We have had conservation approval for a sympathetic refurbishment of the entire ground floor of The Pied Bull, and externally the whole building will have a fresh lick of paint along with replacement signage. Although new, everything will complement our traditional (500-year-old!) building, so don’t worry, the wonky walls and floors will be staying put! And our hotel rooms and hidden beer garden will, of course, have some TLC.”

Bottom Line

As the doors temporarily close, the anticipation for the unveiling of the revitalised space grows. The Pied Bull invites patrons, old and new, to mark their calendars for the grand reopening on Saturday, 27th January at 12 pm. It promises to be a celebration of history, tradition, and a fresh chapter for this venerable establishment. So, save the date and be prepared to witness The Pied Bull in a whole new light!

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